Storing Hashes¶

When storing any kind of data you often need to know the size of the data, at least to do storage efficiently. If you use a hash function like bcrypt directly that’s not a problem because you know the length of the hash in that case and don’t have to worry about the length changing.

If you are using pwhash that is not the case. Everytime you update your pwhash version or your configuration the hash functions that are used or the parameters to these functions may change causing the password hash itself to change in length.

In order to solve this issue pwhash exposes the max_hash_length and min_hash_length. You can use these to either get an upper bound directly or calculate it yourself if you use hashers whose hash length depends on application specific factors like the password length.

In practice this means that everytime pwhash is updated or you update your configuration you possibly need to run database migrations.

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